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Actionable heatmaps

Analyze aggregated data from all testers.
Use „drag” tool to select desired areas on generated heatmpas and check:
  • how much time your viewers need to notice particular element,
  • how much time in average they spend on it,
  • how many people actually saw it
  • ... and many more!

☉ See sample results

Eye-tracking Recordings

Follow each testers gaze and see they saw.
Control your view with time-slider and change presentation mode from heat maps to view maps. Save Areas Of Interests to see if your spots are visible for tester

☉ See sample results

Invite your own testers

Get access to special URL when study is ready!
Simply share it with your testers and collect results live. All your testers need to have is a laptop with webcam.
After sharing you'll see their results as individual recordings and on aggregated heatmaps.

Upload from any source

Import PNG/JPG image from any tool
Uplaod to our system to start your study within minutes. You can define how much time each image should displayed and provide additional instruction for testers.

Map your image for interactions!

Test entire user flow with image mapping.
Simply select clickable area of an image which will cause moving forward to next project. Create user flows up to 20 steps!

Testers for $1/each

If you want to use more RealEye panelists, you can simply add them to running study. Pay as you go, $1/tester and get results the same day!

Integration with 3rd party surveys

Set RealEye study as part of external survey
Redirect your panelists to RealEye test & provide URL to redirect your users after they finish. We’ll do the rest!

*if you decide to use external survey you can't use our panelists

... and last but not least

Export & Share
Download your respondents raw datapoints to CSV files or share results page with your colleagues or clients.

Readability scanner BETA
Select desired Area Of Interest (AOI) and check if text inside is readable with help of our OCR system.

Set your logo
Keep your study under your branding. Set up dashboard with your to keep your testers under your branding.

*Available with 10+ project package.

Make Your Design

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Got any questions?

Eye-tracking is a innovative method that allows you to track users' eye movements.
HD Camera is watching tester while performing test and by face-tracking algorythms our software can detect position of eyes.
The whole precess begins with calibration, where our system is learning how tester's eyes look like while watching certain parts of the screen. After successful calibration we start measuring eye position while displaying stimuli (your project).

You can read more about eye-tracking here.
RealEye studies are proven to be around 100px (~1.5 cm) accurate with an average error on visual angle of 4.17 deg. This precision allows to analyze users interaction on website with precision reaching size of single button.
We have network of testers from all around the world. Randomly picked users will be assigned to your task. We will not show them your website before the test starts so they interaction will be natural. Don't worry, we don't do laboratory tests in corrupted environment
Yes, you can always invite your own testers or hire more RealEye testers for $1 each. Yet, according to our studies, you can find up to 90% of usability issues within 15 testers.